libertia x butleri

Libertia x butleri
– A name recently applied to mark the contribution of Stephen Butler to the study of this genus.
This name has been applied to acknowledge the contribution Stephen Butler has made to the study of the taxonomy of the various libertia species and cultivars.
Libertia 'Amazing Grace' dz may 07 SMALL JPEG

Stephen Butler has maintained a collection of Libertia at the Zoo for many years. As well as collecting a wide range of these plants he has prepared herbarium specimens and pictures and identified naming issues which all proved a significant help to Julian Shaw, the Royal Horticultural Society’s Registrar, who has been conducting a review of the genus Libertia over the past number of years.

When Libertia chilensis and L. ixioides are grown in gardens hybrids regularly occur between them – distinguished by wider leave than ixioides and a much more open inflorescence than chilensis – and it is botanically useful to have a name for these hybrids and Julian Shaw has named such hybrids “Libertia x butleri” in recognition of Stephen’s work.

Stephen is Curator of Horticulture at Dublin Zoo, Chairperson of the Leinster Branch  and a member of the Executive Committee of the IGPS and the person who has organised the IGPS members’ Seed Distribution over many years.

Well done, Stephen!

Paddy Tobin

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