The Weird and Wonderful World of a Plantaholic – a Talk by Deborah Begley

Deborah and Martin Begley
Deborah and Martin Begley

We had a great turn out last Tuesday in Cork for Deborah Begley’s talk on her garden.Deborah has a strong following which is a reflection of her engaging and humorous presentation. She began by showing us what she started with all those years ago, a blank canvas which could be either a great thrill or a terrifying challenge. For Deborah it sounded like it was a whole lot of fun with the flexibility of change as her children grew up and needed different things from the garden and also as the availability of time and space changed.

But what is immediately obvious is that Deborah is above all a lover of plants. And she has the knowledge and the artistic eye to put that plant in exactly the right spot. So over the years she has created a beautiful picture using different plants for colour, texture, structure, but has also been constantly changing the picture as her vision has changed.

So she took us on a walk around her garden, highlighting her favourite plants of the moment, using plants to lead us to a particular view or the opposite, to stop us in our tracks and see some special plant. Deborah’s garden is full of artistically placed features, full of fun and humour. One of the major projects undertaken has got to be her tea house which is the backdrop to some exotic plants like Cannas, Impatiens, ferns, bananas, Cautleya and Ricinus. Another feature which stands out was the lovely pergola built by Martin; Deborah told us it hosts her favourite rose, ‘Teasing Georgia’. She also has some lovely lilies in good strong groups, ‘Lilium leichtlinii’ being a particularly beautiful one. As she is an avid grower of plants from seed, Deborah has amassed a collection of unusual and difficult to find plants.

Deborah finished by telling us about her next great project which is in hand…. her classroom and plant shop. I think we will all be making a trip down to her early next year to visit her nursery which is guaranteed to excite.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Janet Edwardes

See more about Deborah’s garden here:

or visit her Facebook page here:


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