IGPS Leinster Plant Sale – October 2014

IGPS Leinster Plant Sale. 
The IGPS Leinster Plant Sale is one of the big events of the IGPS calendar which attracts both IGPS members and keen gardeners in large numbers each year as there is always a fabulous selection of plants available, plants not often found for sale in retail outlets in the country and those special treasures, our Irish heritage plants.
The sale was held in the Trinity College Botanic Gardens in Dartry in south Dublin, a pleasant garden setting, and this year blessed by being a day of beautiful sunshine and, as a result, general cheer. There is a group of people in the Leinster branch of the IGPS who devote considerable time to this plant sale as, and you well know, plants take time to grow from propagation to a size suitable for passing along. Each year this group of people prepare plants, bring them along on the day and sell them on to members and other enthusiasts. There is also a group who come along and do the essential work of the day – serve teas and refreshments, set up the stalls, man the stalls and sell the plants, chat with visitors and give advice on growing and caring for plants being taken away. It is a social occasion, a day to acquire treasures and I was delighted to hear from friends and see them report on social media of their new treasures for their gardens.
Many thanks to Stephen Butler and Patrick Ardiff for the photographs they posted on the IGPS Facebook page. I have “borrowed” them to use them again here and hope you enjoy the peep they give you into a wonderful day.
If you haven’t been to the plant sale this year, mark your diary and come along next year. In the meantime, have a look at the “Upcoming Events” section and come along and join us for our winter talks.
1554551_717410478314373_5826490777013550299_n 1625504_717409898314431_3357087897271709882_n 1962598_717409481647806_6881991210470504828_n 10170825_717410034981084_3883967203413438501_n 10405513_717409571647797_6205285788819750472_n 10433828_717410474981040_2536297384238901255_nText by Stephen Butler. Photographs from Stephen Butler and Patrick Ardiff.

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